The Sheffield Centre for Massage Training

The Stillpoint Practice, 25 Montgomery Road, Netheredge, S7 ILN

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About the School - The Sheffield Centre for Massage Training is committed to a person-centred approach to both teaching and working with members of the public. The Centre is committed to equal opportunities and the course is open to all women and men, irrespective of age, religion/creed or size. Applications are welcomed from black and ethnic minorities, lesbians and gays. People with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Centre to discuss their requirements.

About the Tutors - Vicky Gaughan's (Course Director & Principal Tutor) approach to teaching massage reflects her love of nature. She expects a lot of herself as a massage teacher and delivers a high standard of training and makes no excuses for expecting a lot of her students.

Eva Weltermann (Course Tutor) has been fascinated with massage from an early age, when massage was very much part of her childhood in Germany. She finds the combination of working and teaching as a massage therapist enormously gratifying. 

Lynda Josse (Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology tutor) has been involved in teaching and professional massage for about 10 years. As a massage therapist her practice is based on a holistic and nurturing approach, informed by the science of Anatomy and Physiology.

Craig Foden (assistant tutor) became directly aware of massage's healing potential after receiving an inspiring massage for a painful lower back due. My continuing martial arts practice nurtured my growing interest in bodyuse and I qualified in professional holistic massage with SCMT.

Lindsay Aitkenhead (assistant tutor) gave my first massage when she was about twelve – to her grandma. She graduated from the professional diploma course at SCMT in June 2012 and started working as a massage therapist.

Holistic Massage Diploma - Offers the student a high standard of professional training. During the course there is a mixture of practical and academic work. The student interested in massage will find the course stimulating, satisfying and challenging as we journey through all myriad aspects of this exciting way of working with people.

There will be a process of self, peer and facilitator assessment throughout the course, being particularly relevant in the last term when we focus on the student as practitioner. Towards the end of the course, preparation will take place to take the practical and written exams, it is therefore essential that the student has adequate understanding of both written and spoken English however people with English as their second language are encouraged to apply.

Other Coursea and Workshops

  • Free Open Evenings and Mini Workshop
  • Introductory Weekend for Beginners.
  • Taster Day for Beginners
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Focus on Feet