Laura Richardson, MTI East AngliaEast Anglia team member Laura Richardson tells us about how she loves to help clients discover the mind/body connection, her committment to being vegan and love of live music, and how being a massage therapist brings her joy each day.

1. Why did you become a massage therapist?

I saw my tutor Kit Adam, doing seated massage at a street fair. I was so inspired by her connection to her client and how they felt afterwards, I wanted to learn. I signed up for an introductory course the following weekend. I felt so at home, I wanted to learn more, so carried on and did the practitioners course, during which I completed twice the required case studies! The more I found out, the more I realised how many different techniques I needed in my tool box of skills, and that I would never stop learning. The workings of the human body/mind connection fascinated me. I am now part of a team that would heal the world one client at a time.      

2. What do you love about it?

My heart is in my job, intention is everything. Mine is - to work with my client to the best of my ability for whatever outcome they desire. 

I especially love helping people with stress related conditions, giving them the space for their bodies and minds to start working together. Its especially satisfying, when a client starts making a connection between their lifestyle and ailment, then starts making the changes needed, to improve their health.

3. What's the best thing about being part of the regional team?

Being part of a team means continuous support, keeping up with the latest techniques and a pool of knowledge to draw from. 

Sometimes in my work I have difficult or sad situations. Having a team of people that respect confidentiality means I am never on my own and can also refer with confidence. No problem is too small or large to be discussed or worked through, keeping standards high. MTI therapists are certainly a helpful bunch!

4. What's the most challenging/what would you like to be different?

East Anglia is a huge region, so trying to make meetings accessible for everyone to benefit can be a challenge. Although we do have a very active Facebook page where group advice and support is on hand. In the future, maybe access to some bite sized training videos on certain techniques would be helpful.

5. What other passions do you have outside massage?

I have 3 grown up sons. I love live music and give me the chance to experience something new and I am there.

Spiritually, I believe in universal energy connecting everything together, which brought me to being vegan. Along with pro-animal rights and humanitarian issues in my heart I would also like to strive to be zero waste in the future. 

6. When were you most happy?

I am most content when I have all 3 of my sons together under one roof.... This doesn't happen very often so, its when I'm feeling life. When I have time to stand in the elements or watch a bee going about its business or gazing at the stars in wonder. I believe we are here to learn and help each other to find peace..... It's wonderful that being an MTI therapist makes me happy every day.

Find out more about Laura on her Facebook page.