Indian Head Massage Course

Drawing from ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles that have been adapted in the West, treatments include massage of the upper back, neck, arms, scalp, face and head and typically lasts 20 - 40 minutes. This course is equivalent to NVQ Level 3 and is open to those who have an anatomy & physiology qualification.It is suitable for those who wish to practice Indian Head Massage professionally.

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Scotland Livingston Rosslyn Alternatives School details
North Sheffield Sheffield Centre for Massage Training School details
South East Southend On the Spot Training School School details
West Country Bristol Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork School details
Midlands Worcester Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork School details

Course outline

Course Length Generally over two weekend days, but as determined by the training centre
Course Completion            18 months
Tutition - practical massage; relevant anatomy, physiology and pathology; massage theory 30 contact hours                      
Guided Learning - including massage practise recorded in a practise diary and homework assignments
40 hours

Indian Head Massage Course Syllabus