Why Choose MTI?

What makes MTI holistic massage courses so different to other massage courses?

  • MTI develops students to become therapists who can work with a wide range of people and offer massage that really attends to clients' wants and needs.
  • Graduates report feeling well-prepared to start their own professional practice.
  • Central to the training is students' work on their own personal development and self-awareness.
  • We emphasise the need for practitioners to look after their own bodies when giving a massage, including how to avoid over-use of hands and joints, and using movements and body weight effectively.
  • Clinical practice with real clients during the course prepares students for the practical exam, and for starting up their own practice once qualified.
  • The theoretical part of the course (anatomy, physiology and pathology) is taught in tandem with the practical massage techniques. For example, the physiological effects of different massage strokes, or the rationale behind contraindications is considered a vital part of a practitioner's training.
  • MTI-trained practitioners are highly regarded for the quality of their treatments, their breadth of knowledge and their excellence in client care.