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Venue Address: The Link Centre, Two Lanes, Belvedere Road, Ilfracombe EX34 9JH

Postal Address: Dovecote Cottage, 6A Higher Slade Road, Ilfracombe EX34 8LH

Tel: 07967 521397
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Website: http://lhbodywork.co.uk/massage_training_birmingham_devon.php#mdip

2. Teaching bodyworkAbout the School - Devon School of Massage & Bodywork (DSMB) is the sister of Meridian School of Massage & Bodywork in the Midlands!  We provide massage courses for beginners, those wishing to become practitioners and those who are already qualified.  We welcome applicants from different backgrounds, lifestyles and genders.  Please do contact us for an informal chat about the course and your learning needs. 

We aim to work with you to provide the grounding of a Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy Practice and then encourage and support you to find your own massage and creative style within this.  We want you to have the opportunity to feel confident to work with as many different clients as want to come for massage, so the course content is thorough and detailed.  It is a mixture of practical and academic work – and additionally, we have fun and laugh a lot!  Our teaching is participant-centred supporting you to become client-centred practitioners. 

DSMB’s teaching programme covers the therapeutic relationship we build with clients, active listening skills and attitudes, communication through touch, how to look after your body whilstworking, setting up your business and related legislation, awareness of subtle energies in your massage work, detailed anatomy, physiology and pathology to support your massage – this is an integral part of the course so that you can apply this in your massage as you learn.  There 

3. Therapeutic touch

are many massage techniques and theories to learn about which form your ‘tool box’ of skills and approaches to apply to each client’s individual needs.  These techniques and approaches include still work, soft and deep tissue work, an introduction to myofascial release therapy and other neuromuscular techniques.  Each of your massages will be different for each client because they will all have different needs – recognising their physical, emotional, psychological and subtle energy needs.

We have 27 teaching days (usually over weekends) provided over 11 months with a structured programme of home study between these weekends.

It is a very supportive environment in which to learn – we really want to enjoy your learning time with us!

4. Not just with hands

About the Tutors - Lorraine Horton is the Course Director at DSMB.  She founded Meridian School of Massage & Bodywork in 2004 and having moved to North Devon, established DSMBin 2013.  She has 25 years experience of varied practitioner work including being employed in the NHS for part of her time to provide touch therapy for people who experience sensory integration difficulties.  Lorraine has undertaken research into communication through touch with Aston University. She has as many years experience of training and teaching in the field of equality and diversity, and, of course in massage practice.  Issues of inclusion for all are another passion and underpin her therapies and teaching.  She is a national assessor for MTI, and some years ago became MTI’s Chairperson.

“I love sharing bodywork skills at all levels, beginners, becoming a practitioner and with qualified folk – witnessing participants’ 

5. Coastline and dog

personal growth and learning is awesome!  It is a huge privilege to be a part of that.” 

The North Devon coastline is a beautiful place to visit and learn – and live of course, so says our dog Harvey!