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World Massage Championships Denmark, June 2017

A Time to Share

MTI member Sue Johnson shares her experience of competing in the first World Massage Championships in Europe - a chance to celebrate and promote the benefits of massage and enjoy the company of fellow therapists.

Sue Johnson at World Massage Championships 2017On 26th September 2016, I decided to enter this competition. I am always looking for ways to promote the benefits of massage so at first I saw this opportunity as just another promotion. Little did I know that promoting the oldest therapy in the world would be hard work, fun and so inspiring. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for; however, I am so glad that I had that impulsive moment to “just do it!”. After all I had 9 months to prepare, loads of time!

The weeks and months disappeared and before I knew it I was on the plane to go and compete.  

The energy levels and the venue in Copenhagen were electric. A group of elite professionals from 31 countries ready to share their techniques and learn new ones. The two days covered giving and receiving massage whilst being videoed, photographed and watched by the judges was somewhat distracting; however, it was a competition and this was the only way it could be judged. I was soon to settle and focus on the massage. The multiple-choice test was diverse and covered every aspect of massage. Thank goodness, I re-read the history of massage on the flight over. as not all questions were anatomy and physiology. A professional therapist in my opinion, is best advised to keep up to date with medical science and changing terminology in our ever-changing world. The nerves of competing soon behind me and I realized what I was here for and that was to learn more techniques and to share mine.

I am so proud to be one of the first to participate in “The World Massage Championships” to be part of this international team was the best feeling ever. For two days and nights we talked nothing more than massage, anatomy, pathology and our professional well-being programs it was simply heaven. Being in Copenhagen enjoying the friendly culture and its many wonderful restaurants was a pleasure. Running in the morning and seeing so many people out there moving, enjoying being alive was inspirational. Here we go again! 11Months to prepare, I am already entered and looking forward to doing it all over again and meeting up with new and seasoned competitors in May 2018.

Sue offers sessions in Ledbury and Bransford, get in touch with her here.